Australia’s largest steak

The Tomahawk steak was pioneered in Australia, and named after the huge 30cm rib bone left on the cut which resembles a Tomahawk axe. At our Prime Restaurant, the Tomahawk steak is a premium on-the-bone Rib Eye, sourced from 400kg Black Angus cattle. Weighing in at 1.5kg, this is a true carnivore’s delight.

Perfect for sharing

Our Tomahawk steak is designed to share, making it ideal for special occasions or romantic dinners. The meat is cooked on the bone, so it is remarkably tender, juicy and easy to carve. Served with fresh roasted tomato and your choice of potato puree, potato gratinée or house cut chips and seven different housemade sauces, it’s the ultimate meat indulgence.

Enhanced flavour and tenderness

Prime’s Tomahawk is grain-fed for 200-250 days in Northern NSW and then dry-aged for an intense beefy flavour. Unlike other steak restaurants, we grill our steak in a unique way to enhance the flavour of the meat and caramelise the outside without charring or burning. All of our steaks are rested for half their cooking time for exceptional juiciness.

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