There’s coffee, and then there’s our incredibly smooth premium house blend Maximus Coffee, known as the best in the Sydney CBD.

With a mixture of 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Nicaragua and Ethiopia, our house blend roast offers the ideal balance of caramel, chocolate and sweet fruit notes for the perfect coffee every time.

100% Organic

Maximus coffee is 100% organic and grown in rich soil with no pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals, resulting in pure beans with natural antioxidants.

100% Fairtrade

2% of all profits from your Maximus Coffee purchase go towards the co-operatives in the third world countries the beans are sourced from, helping to improve the quality of life and infrastructure of communities in need.

100% Arabica beans

The Arabica coffee plant takes 7 years to mature fully and is farmed in the traditional Ethiopian way and grown at an altitude of 1650m to 2000m, resulting in a higher quality coffee when roasted.

We also offer a Single Origin coffee made with Ethiopian beans from Limu and Djimmah, ideal for espresso or black coffee with its medium profile and mild fruitiness.

Enjoy Maximus coffee at Maximus Café, Intermezzo, Postales and Beach House by GPO.

You can also purchase Maximus Coffee beans to enjoy in your own home. Sign up to be a GPO member and receive 20% off your coffee bean purchase in store.