Luxury Spirit Collection at House Prices
Date: Thursday, 3/05/2018

Luxury Spirits collection

GPO Grand Group Bars Luxury House Spirit Collection

The GPO Grand Bars: GPO Middle Bar, Coach Bar, Crystal Bar, Postales Bar and Subterranean Bar at No. 1 Martin Place are thinking outside the square, and rather than promoting “happy hour” drinks which are frowned upon by the police and go against the responsible service of alcohol guidelines, have decided to add affordable luxury to their “house” offerings all year-round.

The reasoning behind this new approach is the acceptance that people are more knowledgeable, better travelled and more experienced than ever before, understand quality and do not want compromise, especially, when the price is the same. To put it another way everyone talks about going to their favourite coffee shop to enjoy amazing coffee. It is not just about getting a caffeine fix, it is the whole experience of taste, environment and service.

In today’s highly competitive environment, the only true way for a bar to create something different, develop loyal customers and get them to come back is to offer luxury and taste to their house drinks at reasonable prices with all year-round availability.

In recognition of people’s current preferences, the GPO Grand Bars at 1 Martin Place have brought together an exclusive range of luxury “back bar” spirits and made them their “house drinks” at their “house drink price” of $9.90 available all the time.

The exclusive luxury range of “house spirits” for $9.90 includes:

 Patron Silver Tequila,

 Beluga Noble Russian Vodka,
 Star of Bombay Gin,
 Chivas Regal Extra,
 Woodford Reserve Bourbon,
 El Dorado White Rum 3 y.o
 Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey,
 Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey,
 Canadian Club 8 y.o Canadian Whisky

Peter Petroulas, Managing Director at GPO Grand says “People are far better travelled and more knowledgeable than ever and the idea that you can sell them anything at time of your choosing has gone. You need to give people quality and you need to give it to them when they want it, gone are the simple marketing gimmicks of cheap quality offerings and times that do not suit the customer. Customer service means meeting customer needs not trying to force them to do things at times that suit a bar or a restaurant.”

To complete the offering and complement the premium spirit collection, GPO Grand have also introduced the Fever-Tree Premium Range Mixers found in the world’s best restaurants and bars for only an extra $2.50 per bottle. The Fever-Tree range of mixers includes:
 Elderflower Tonic Water
 Aromatic Tonic Water
 Indian Tonic Water
 Premium Ginger Ale and Premium Lemonade

We have also created a complete range of affordable mixed drinks with exotic flavours and tastes such as:
 Patron Silver Tequila with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water and Cucumber Slices for $12.40
 Star of Bombay with Indian Tonic Water with a dash of Amaretto Disaronno and a Slice of Lemon for $13.80
 Beluga Vodka and Cranberry Juice with a dash of Peach Schnapps and a Lime Wedge for $13.80

As a minimum, Peter Petroulas says “all GPO Grand cocktails and mixed drinks are now made using this luxury range of house spirits to offer people far better experiences, enjoyment and value”.

Retail Sales
Bottles of spirits (700ml) from our Luxury Collection are also available to purchase and take home from the GPO Cheese and Wine Room retail store at 1 Martin Place at Sydney’s lowest prices.
 Grey Goose Vodka $70.00
 Star of Bombay Gin $69.90
 Chivas Regal Extra $54.90
 Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey $51.90
 Woodford Reserve Bourbon $54.90
 El Dorado White Rum 3 y.o $59.90
 Patron Silver Tequila $93.90

Maximum 2 bottles per person, no trade sales.

GPO Grand Group

1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW, 2000

T: 9229 7700